Burton Poacher Jacket and Cargo Pants Review

The Burton Pant and Jacket Review

Burton Snowboards Poacher Jacket Front

It has been a while since we have reviewed any Burton Snowboard Products. And things have changed, for the better. With their latest adoption of zipper integration between the the Jacket and Pants, Thermacore Insulation, Pit Zips, Pass pocket, goggle pocket, Hand warmer pockets, waist gaiter, cinch cords, 2L weatherproofing, articulated mobility, adjustable insulated hood… are you getting tired yet?  I haven’t even started on the pants yet!  The jacket also includes a Taffeta Lining which provides a high-end feel, critically taped seams, contour hood and more bells and whistles than any outerwear we’ve seen this season.

The pants come fully equipped with inner thigh vents, Dryride Durashell, Weatherproof fully taped seams, Pockets, Pockets, and more Pockets, key ring attachment, I could keep going… (OK, I will)… pin-ups in the back to keep your pants from dragging, ghetto slits, zipper integration with Burton Coats, belt loop rings to mesh well with non-Burton coats, Soft lined pockets, Adjustable Velcro waist, ankle gaters with boot lace hooks and rubber texture to stay down. Really I could keep going.

The Burton Poacher Jacket Review

Burton Snowboard Cargo Pant Front Pockets

The Burton Poacher coat has been around pleasing the crowds for a while now. With a huge option of colors ways, they are the perfect marriage with the Burton Cargo pants.  There is so much attention given to the Poacher. Like a goggle pocket that is mesh so your goggles can de-fog after you packed them with snow, or the little audio cord management system to route your IPod headphones from your pocket right up to your ears.  With the Dryride technology and a slight amount of insulation, this is the perfect all around coat. It’s great for layering or just wearing it with a t-shirt on a warm spring day.

The Jacket fit’s very true to size, and with a super low price point, comparatively speaking, you are definitely getting your moneys worth with the Burton Poacher Jacket. This leaves us with little, well no complaints about the Burton Poacher Coat. If you are looking for a well priced all around jacket, at least try one on.

For More info check out Burtons webpage dedicated to the Poacher Jacket. The Poacher Jacket will always remind me of the Burton Poacher Contest where they offered to lots of money for poaching Ski resorts Check out this video of it for a few good laughs. Be sure you watch the ending!


Burton Poacher Snowboard Boots Black/Black
SALE $77.95
Reg. $119.95

Burton Poacher Snowboard Boots Black/White
SALE $96.95
Reg. $149.95

Burton Poacher Snowboard Boots White/Red/Gold
SALE $96.95
Reg. $149.95

Burton Poacher Snowboard Jacket Afterglow
SALE $89.95
Reg. $149.95

Burton Poacher Snowboard Jacket Brimstone
SALE $96.95
Reg. $149.95

Burton Poacher Snowboard Jacket Havana
SALE $96.95
Reg. $149.95

Burton Poacher Snowboard Jacket Dolphinium
SALE $89.95
Reg. $149.95
Peter Glenn Ski & Sports

Burton Poacher Insulated Snowboard Jacket (Men’s)
SALE $75.99
Reg. $159.95
The House

Burton Poacher Snowboard Pants Mocha Native Plaid
SALE $93.95
Reg. $134.95

Burton Poacher Snowboard Jacket – Men’s
SALE $118.99
Reg. $169.99

Burton Poacher Insulated Pant – Men’s
SALE $74.97
Reg. $149.95

Burton Poacher Insulated Jacket – Men’s
SALE $67.98
Reg. $169.95

The Burton Cargo Pant Review

The Burton Cargo Pants have been a staple of the Snowboard pants line for years, and for good reason.  It’s offered in a plethora of color ways, a small price point, and lets face it – these pants just look good.  They fit very true to size, or maybe slightly on the bigger side. The hand pockets are very nice and soft. There is even a headphone port from the front pocket for those of you with really long headphone cords. The waist band is also very soft and comfortable on the hips or off, depending on how you ride. The material is very heavy duty, and waterproof.  One of our favorites is the leg vents with the yellow mesh that accents the blue color perfectly.

Burton Snowboards Poacher Jacket Logo

Burton Snowboards Poacher Jacket Cuff

Burton Snowboards Poacher Glove Attachment

Burton Snowboards Poacher Pit Zips

Burton Snowboards Poacher Open Jacket

Burton Snowboards Poacher Burton Logo

Burton Snowboards Poacher Back Jacket

Burton Snowboards Poacher Back Hood

Burton Snowboards Poacher Tag

Burton Snowboards Poacher Zipper Tech Like

Burton Snowboards Poacher Goggle Pocket

Burton Snowboard Cargo Pant Back Pockets

Burton Snowboard Cargo Pant Zipper Connecting

Burton Snowboard Cargo Pant Vents

Burton Snowboard Cargo Ghetto Slits

Burton Snowboard Cargo Pants Belt Loop

Burton Snowboard Cargo Pants Key hook

Burton Snowboard Cargo Pants pant straps


Burton Concept Fleece Jacket Black
SALE $59.95
Reg. $99.95

Burton Ronin 3L Snowboard Jacket Winterfresh…
SALE $227.95
Reg. $379.95

Burton 2.5L Gleam Jacket Risque Burn Out Plaid
SALE $111.95
Reg. $139.95

Burton 2.5L Hendrix Jacket Garnet
SALE $103.95
Reg. $129.95

Burton 2.5L Hendrix Jacket Moss Gamo Print
SALE $103.95
Reg. $129.95

Burton AK Baker Insulator Jacket Sangria
SALE $183.95
Reg. $229.95