RedHot and HotPink SuperFeet Insole Review

Super Feet Red Hot Review Superfeet Review

We had an opportunity to try out the ski and snowboard insoles.  These innovative insoles have been around for years and have been recommended by pros all over the world. A step close to custom fitting boots are custom insoles.

If you have ever seen the insoles that are included with ski and snowboard boots, you know there in not much to them. Usually a thin piece of foam with a few ventilation holes and maybe a little heel support.

If you have put more than a few days on the snow in a pair of boots, you know that the movement in the boots creates friction points and those points are where blisters and pain can stem from.

So how can an insole solve these problems? With the hot it elevates the heel, and provides better arch support, locking your foot into the boot and reducing friction.

Hot Pink Superfeet Review

On the hill

The first thing we notice is that your feet feel happier. Having very flat feet, slipping on top of these new arch beds you can feel your ankles align, up through the top of your boot.

After adjusting to the new feeling and starting to forget that you have the insoles in, you really start to appreciate them under foot.  Your board feels more responsive and the ratcheting of the boot and bindings seem to annoy less.

We were able to try both the mens RedHot and women’s version hotPink of the ……….. the both performed equally well.

One issue we noticed after a long trek in boots with the insoles, a hot spot arose under the arch of my feet.  This could be due to the extreme flat feet. There wasn’t much break in period, the heel is very solid construction.

Superfeet redhot reviewFinal thought

These are the most innovative foot soles on the market.  With the reflective material, your feet are guaranteed to stay warm.  They are designed to give you more support and better responsiveness, and that is what they do.

With an additional treatment of Outlast, you can be sure your boots and feet will be kept in oder check, and free from bacteria.

If you are looking for some added support, and happier feet, Superfeet are worth a try before trying a new set of boots.  Plus the offer 60  days for you to try them out and return them if you don’t like them. We think they will benefit people differently from the activity you ‘re using them for as well as the shape of your feet.